MWA Housing External Appeals and Complaints

At MWA, we always strive to provide the best service to all our clients.

As part of our work, we provide awareness to clients regarding avenues of complaints regarding our staff, managers, CEO and Board. This is part of our responsibility as members of the community. We do likewise regarding avenues of appeal when it comes to social housing decisions. 

External housing appeals and complaints can be made to the bodies below:

  1. Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) 

The Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) is an independent agency that deals with appeals from people who are unhappy with a decision of a social housing provider. 

Appeals can be made to the HAC about certain decisions of FACS Housing Services or Community Housing organisations providing long term housing. 

An appeal to the HAC may sometimes be referred to as an external appeal or a second tier appeal. 

The HAC reviews decisions to see if they are fair, reasonable and made within the policy of the housing provider. The HAC can recommend a change to the housing provider’s decision. 

The HAC is informal and accessible to clients of social housing. There is no charge to clients for our service.

Free call:1800 629 794 

Phone: 02 8741 2555 

Fax: 02 8741 2566 


  1. Registrar of Community Housing  

The functions of the Registrar of Community Housing (the Registrar) include investigating complaints about the compliance of registered community housing providers (CHPs) with community housing legislation – Community Housing Providers (Adoption of National Law) Act 2012 Section 10 (e).  

Complaints, enquiries and disclosures may identify a systemic failure by the community housing provider or a serious one-off failure which requires regulatory intervention.  

This document sets out the procedure that can be followed in this regard.  

Complainants may lodge a complaint with the Registrar about a registered community housing provider by:

Free call: 1800 330 940  


Letter: Locked Bag 4001, Ashfield BC NSW 1800 NRSCH website:

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